Paper Thin Walls


PAPER THIN WALLS is a modern morality play set in adjacent apartments in a Chicago low-rise. Richard and Liz live next door to Hank, a burgeoning young writer.

Hank combats his writer's block by using the couple's domestic quarrels as creative fuel. When the line blurs between the artist and his subjects, all three must face the reality of their aspirations.

PAPER THIN WALLS was performed in June of 2010 at the Viaduct Theatre and was funded in part through Kickstarter and the generosity of our project's backers.

Poster by Steven Rydberg.

Special thanks to Aaron Corey for his fantastic photography.


  • Chris Boykin
  • Julie Dahlinger
  • Josh Hambrock

Production Team

  • Director - Matt Hooks
  • Movement Director - Danny Bischoff
  • Assistant Director & Costumes - Eve Rydberg
  • Marketing & Public Relations - Alberto Mendoza
  • Set Design - John Holt
  • Lighting Designer - Matthew Gawryk
  • Sound Designer - Maya Kuper
  • Technical Director - Alex Bergeron