For Profit


Theatre is no longer the language of dissent. In fact, it has always been a contract of manipulation: the suspension of disbelief. What else can be suspended? Morals? Judgement? Willpower? Abraham Werewolf begins its 2011/2012 season with FOR PROFIT, a unique theatrical experience which presents a view of the artistic process in a funhouse mirror.

Through a series of interconnected scenes, FOR PROFIT takes the audience down the assembly line of a powerful and sinister machine, where personality becomes product and theatre exists not for the public, but for profit.

FOR PROFIT was performed at Gorilla Tango Theatre in May of 2011. The piece was written and directed collectively by Abraham Werewolf with original music by David Barron and d'Artagnan.


  • Kevin Alves
  • Brian Barber
  • Emmy Bean
    The "Assistant", Erica
  • Kim Boler
  • Sid Branca
  • Sarah Brooks
    Model #1
  • Gemma Clarke
    Model #4
  • Erin Crites
    Special Guest #2
  • Dennis Davies
  • Erin Haddock
  • Nicholas Harper
    Special Guest #1
  • Kate Healy
    Model #3
  • Annie Hogan
    Model #2
  • Matt Hooks
    The "Director"
  • Jack McDonald
    The "Author"
  • Alberto Mendoza
  • Brian Rad
    The "Producer"
  • Jasonn Rose
    Burt, The "Designer"
  • Eve Rydberg
    Young Kim/Olivia
  • James Scott
    Young Kevin/Lawrence
  • Ben Zisk

Production Team

  • Co-Director & Stage Manager - Danny Bischoff
  • Co-Director - Matt Hooks
  • Co-Director - Jack McDonald
  • Co-Director - Alberto Mendoza
  • Co-Director - Eve Rydberg
  • Assistant Director - Stephen Christensen
  • Videography - Alex Gamelin
  • Documentarian - Justin Flocco
  • Composer - David Barron
  • Accordionist - Rawson Vint