DECADENCE is an examination of the empty glamour of 1970s Hollywood imbued with the spirit of the Parisian Grand Guignol theatre. The production employs la douche ecossaise ("the hot and cold shower"), a theatre style which alternates comedic and macabre vignettes reflecting upon such unsavory themes as sexual violence, insanity, revenge and cold-blooded murder. With the rise in the divorce rate, a "pulling back" from the liberal nature of the 1960s, the end of the Vietnam war, and the birth of the serial killer, the 1970s provide an especially fertile ground for exploration.

The play is split into two independent hour-long programs that are performed simultaneously on separate stages. The shows are connected in the end by an outrageous finale that spans both rooms.

DECADENCE: The Two Faces of Robert LaPage was performed at The Family Room, The Post Family's fabulous gallery and workshop, in July and August of 2009. The piece was written collaboratively by Abraham Werewolf.

Poster by Alex Fuller.

Special thanks to Andrea Behrends for her excellent photography.


  • ... inventive concept and impressive acting ... The result is often suspenseful, sometimes hilarious, and always entertaining.

    Chicago Reader

  • ... a gritty experience with a few genuinely scary moments ... evokes a zeitgeist that I imagine to be similar to the early days of some of Chicago’s more illustrious ensemble-based theaters.


  • ... director Matt Hooks works with economy and style ... [Abraham Werewolf is] a vibrant source of originality and a true boon to Chicago’s experimental theater scene ... a bloody, one of a kind theatrical experience.

    Chicago Free Press


  • Kevin Alves
    Doctor Reeves, Stanley, Officer Marv Holliday
  • Danny Bischoff
    Officer Hahn, Howard
  • Kim Boler
    Martha Shriver, Fawn
  • Sid Branca
  • Bryan Breau
    Ray Watkins, Michael
  • Ken Brown
    Dr. Keatus, Detective Richter
  • Dennis Davies
    Robert LaPage
  • Erin Haddock
    Molly Heddington, Tawny
  • Michael Khanlarian
    Councilman Andrew Navarro, George Shriver
  • Jack McDonald
    Rex Houston, Officer Roy Fellows, Orderly
  • Alberto Mendoza
    Russell Evans, Blake, Officer Reiner
  • Stephanie Murphy
  • Kasey O'Brien
    Valerie, Karla
  • Katherine Schwartz
  • Erez Shek
    David, Bill Sullivan, James Heddington

Production Team

  • Director - Matt Hooks
  • Assistant Director - Alberto Mendoza
  • Dramaturgy - Jack McDonald
  • Casting Director & Marketing - Danny Bischoff
  • Production Manager - Vanessa Rodriguez
  • Videography - Mario Bucca
  • Costumes & Wardrobe - Genevieve Clifford
  • Set/Lighting Design - Bailey Scott
  • Board Operator - Steven Hill
  • Board Operator - Will Bishop
  • Board Operator - Brianna Finnegan